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We do in-house development and customization to increase efficiency and productivity. Following are some of our applications and scripts freely available for download. Feel free to contact us for any custom script, software, website or mobile-application development.

Doorwin - door and windows block manager script

Doorwin 3.0 Free personal edition

The best door/window insertion utility for plain AutoCAD has just got better. It is no more a utility with 8 predefined symbols. The new re-engineered DoorWin is converted into a parametric engine which takes values from customizable definitions. A whole new approach with number of possibilities. Dfilt can export data to external ASCII files to be imported into MS-EXCEL etc. 

The increasing number of requests has finally made us release this Free personal edition. You can use ALL the symbols now. The restrictions this version has is to export the schedule data and modification of symbols.

Doorwin 3.0 features:

  • 20 Predefined symbols.

  • Automatically trims the wall lines.
  • Puts the jamb lines in same layer as wall and even writes a Label.
  • DoorWin uses single block for all Door sizes, rotations, and directions.
  • No need to have different blocks for different sizes.
  • Door/windows inserted with DoorWin can later be enumerated with Dfilt, a companion program, to make  quick Schedules.
  • Slide / Toolbar menu.
  • Add your own CUSTOM Symbols.
  • Dialog driven Symbol Definition Manager.
  • Control over LAYER.
  • Control over TEXTSTYLES.
  • Add label blocks containing attributes.
  • Free DFILT 3.0 to quickly view Door/Window Schedule : Type,Size, Qty.
  • Export Dfilt result to CSV,TXT,TAB Ascii files.
  • Lesser inputs than DoorWin 2.0.
  • Use same block for different type of Door Definitions.
  • Door Type-wise layers.

Doorwin - door and windows block manager script | Architectural Rendering
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